Italian Store Group - Natural Stone

We’ve grown surrounded by beauty.

Italian Store Group - Natural Stone

The taste and elegance
of “Made in Italy”.

All four companies making up the Italian Stone Group were set up here, in Italy, amid its beautiful natural heritage, amazing history and world renowned art. Italy has always been a point of reference when it comes to design, elegance and aesthetic beauty.
The Italian Stone Group breathes in this air and works with top Italian and international architects, making it your ideal partner to ensure the success of your projects, and turn these into something really special.

We’ve been behind many an important project

Italian Store Group - Roberto Alimonti

Roberto Alimonti

Italian Store Group - Stefano Ghirardi

Stefano Ghirardi

Italian Store Group - Flavio Marabelli

Flavio Marabelli

Italian Store Group - Giovanbattista Moncini

Giovanbattista Moncini

Italian Store Group - Ettore Pedretti

Ettore Pedretti

Together is best.

We are a Group and our strength lies in the extensive knowhow of each of the member firms.
Residential construction, interior design, civil engineering and construction,residential design components… and more besides: Italian Stone Group, the practical partner for your creative mind.

Mother Nature