Italian Store Group - Natural Stone

Side by side with Mother Nature.

Italian Store Group - Natural Stone

Our goal is
to take you to a higher level.

Natural stone is our greatest ally: we have years of expertise in handling stone and know exactly how best to dress it to enhance its inherent, essential charm.
We extract stone from our own quarries, exclusively for our clients, and select only the very best materials from around the world, thus ensuring that all our products embody the true value of your creative genius.

Breccia Marble quarry
Brescia, Italy

Italian Store Group - Natural Stone

Vallecamonica Porphyry quarry
Brescia, Italy

Carrara Marble quarry
Carrara, Italy

Our exclusive natural stone

Vallecamonica Porphyry

Greygreen Porphyry

Giottoyellow Porphyry

Aurora Breccia